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Tekyu's dirty confessions

Diary of a bad monkey

3 June 1980
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I am Tekyuinajar, Tekyu to most. I am a currently a college student, former psychology major turned journalist and recently turned law major. I've picked up a few interesting twitches... er, I mean habits in my time. In particular, I am a collector (primarily of transformers) and I dabble in website construction. My biggest vice is probably video games. My current electronic treasures consist of my PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

I am currently in the curious and brutal employ of corporate America, I frequently deal in online collectible sales and I'm educating myself to make it for something better. I am engaged to an incredible woman who brings light into my life and has been essential to keeping my sanity around the ceaseless drama life continues to drive down my throat. I have the best friends life could offer and I'm fortunate enough to have many of them on LJ, most of 'em frequent or occasional posters on here.

I post erratically. Mostly I throw up reviews, rants, or rambles. I created and had my greasy hands in a few communities, but between the working and the school I haven't had the time necessary to update/maintain them. So if any of my friends are seeking a deputy badge for my communities then send me an LJ mail to ask.

I post as often as inspiration to fiddle with the interweb strikes me. If I don't post for awhile, it usually doesn't mean I'm dead. I'm traditionally difficult to keep in touch with and its not because I don't want to talk to my friends. I'm just busier than you might think. Lately I work myself stupid, study and play games for a short while before passing out. Please be patient with me and keep the faith.

I play 360, friend me because I rule.

My Wii Code is 8510 8620 0950 3563. Get your own WiiBadge at WiiBadge.com!
I also get my Wii on, 'cuz it's almost as awesome as me! Weeeeeeee!!!!

Owner and maintainer of Bubblegum Universe

Owner and maintainer of Tekyu in a Jar

Owner and Maintainer of psmtekyu

Owner and Maintainer of therightside

Owner and Maintainer of transformernerd

Maintainer of moorethanlies


Visit my website or I will beat you with a fish!!!!!!!!!!!