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The Birdy is Mighty [Apr. 24th, 2009|12:27 am]

I love the internet. It brings me copious amounts of treasure from my home away from home in the heathen-filled Far East. Birdy: Decode is something I literally had to slap myself in the face over because I doted over the “Birdy the Mighty” OAV mini-series put out over ten years ago and since my rapid departure of Otakuhood into work, school, writing, etc. It makes me teary with nostalgia for the days when anime was always a sumptuous feast of entertainment and my omnivorous appetite never left me wanting. As Pokemon heralded a new frontier for Japanese corporate plunder; quality waned and my searches from anime tended to be more about collecting old favorites rather than seeking out new treasures in a sea of brightly colored turds.

Anyway, yes, that is a girl turning randomly into a guy and visa versa, it’s kind of complicated to explain but they are a male high school student and a female galactic police officer respectively and they are currently time-sharing the same body. It’s a little strange and extremely violent in spite of its initial warm and fuzzy appearance as it brings family favorites like death, dismemberment and a healthy amount of painful body snatching. What sets it apart from most shows is they extent of realistic motion they animate and the melancholy tone of the story as they build up to moments of wanton destruction and violence.

This is a joy to finally see in action. It was an acquired taste at first because I was so married to the look and feel of the original OAV, but this series is a beautiful spin-off that adds much needed depth and character development without hurting the original story and deepens the strength of the wholly platonic relationship between the two leads.

If you genuinely wish to see more; fansubs of the first season and some of the second are available for view on youtube and at www.onlygoodanimes.com, the latter of which holds a collection of joyous delights.
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Evil Residents return! [Apr. 11th, 2009|03:36 am]

Resident Evil 5 is balls to the walls action in your FREAKIN' FACE!!!! I lurve it much much. Candyce and I managed to go through it once entirely already and we'll be going through it another fifty times I'm guessing. I like how it, much like RE4, yanks the goofy, campy crap that infested the series before and turns it into a completely different type of game. It's intriguing without drowning you in BS if you don't want to be. For example, lots of text to read, but it's all usually sequestered to computer screens and scattered files you have the option of not reading! Skippable cinemas help a lot as well when it comes time to deal with the skanky, Bond-esque science slut and the "Joisy" accented dealer of bio-weapons. The game moves really fast and to be fair if they hadn't added the extra features to pad the deal I would feel ripped off, but fortunately they added the cool mercenaries mode, extra in-game treasure and target hunt-quests and the recently added versus mode. All this in addition to local and online co-op play in a resident evil game make this magically delicious!

This was just really funny. Thought I'd post it. Hur hurr hurrr. ^_^

In other news... I still can't beat Code Veronica. It hates my insides. It hates them so very much.
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Hrrm... movies... [Apr. 8th, 2009|06:28 am]

Time Crimes - absolutely stunning. The best movie I've seen in years! An average Spanish doofus runs from a crazed man that he stumbles upon behind his home and runs into a nearby lab that he bumbles into and ends up jumping and reliving the same points in time trying to save his life, wife and everything he holds dear. It's a meticulously layered film that looks at first glance like an amateur's work, but even a sideways glance reveals a master's hand behind it. I went in expecting to passionately hate this film and for the first ten minutes I assumed I was right and then I was instantly hooked. It has all the intensity of a murder mystery dressed up as science fiction that doesn't let up until the very end. Before you blow it off because it's foreign language, give the dvd a rent for the dub at least which is pretty exceptional and further establishes Magnet as a company to be respected. I've already bought this film after my first rent because it's one that you have to rewatch to fully enjoy the experience. It has been my one shining light in a sea of ever-reaching darkness that is the available movies.

Other honorable mentions include:
Bottle Shock
Burn After Reading
Seven Pounds
Marley & Me
Slumdog Millionaire

The Spirit - a criminal waste of money and talent. Frank Miller gave 300 a face, but without Zack Snyder there's no filter for an audience and thusly nothing to stop Frank Miller from falling in love with his own work to the point that he won't submit to even a little editing. Miller's crimes against Will Eisner's most notable work won't be forgotten anytime soon, but the movie is entirely forgettable in its own merit. It's boring. Boring as hell. Mind numbing. Visually it's stunning, but it's all flash without substance. Pass on this at every oppotunity.

X-men Origins: Wolverine
Why mess with source material? Batman Begins deviated, but only barely so and it was incredibly awesome, but Wolive deviates so far from his actual origins that they're essentially different stories. One of my regular customers randomly invites me to view "advance screenings" of this nature and after seeing what the core of the movie looks like without 7-8 special effects scenes completed make this movie utter trash. And let me be perfectly clear, unless they are going to scrap this movie entirely and re-film a new one with a better director and a decent script: This movie will be just as bad. I have seen everything shown in the trailers and much, much more. According to news reports this was final cut of the film without special effects added (only a handful were actually incomplete though) and without the proper music, using a temporary soundtrack in its place (much of the soundtrack I heard I recognized from Transformers...) and according to Fox spokespersons it is missing ten whole minutes of footage. I'd like to think I was ignorant enough to assume they were hiding a different movie somewhere, but adding ten minutes to this movie is like adding five inches to a pile of manure. It's still shit. Everything shown in the trailers was in this and it was... bad.
Nevermind the pure, unadulterated bastardization of the over 30 years of readily available script material; Origins takes the basic criticisms placed against the third X-men movie and drives them further downhill to the point that I have to withdraw my complaints about Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider and the Fantastic Four. I hated every one of the movies I just mentioned, but I have to take all that hate back and award it appropriately as Origins takes the X-saga films I adore and pisses boiling oil into its eyes. Hugh Jackman and his SEED Production company take the reigns and begin by doling out favors in casting, mixing up nationalities (Wolverine is British-born, Canadian-raised and technically immigrated to America) as an all-american lad living life on an almost "brokeback" level of closeness with his "brother" Sabretooth for decades until they're randomly swept up by a wacky wetworks unit and... well, suffice to say this film forgets all the important parts like Wolvie's stay in Japan, the defining trials of the Weapon-X experiments, his time in Alpha Flight and... oh, the elements that lead up to his introduction in the comics where the Candians send him to fight the Incredible HulK.
Fanboy issues aside, it's a movie that the authors clearly didn't bother trying too hard stringing together as they can't even keep things in cohesive flow with the damn movies that precede it. Characters they already introduced are presented out of synch, or nonsensically. First and foremost of their flaws is the more compact and friendlier sabretooth, who breaks all kinds of established character development and uses a completely different actor (with a different height, build, hair color, etc.) to portray Wolvie's dearest nemesis as a misunderstood, lonely sibling with claw control issues. The sheer volume of waste is shameful considering Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds, who is groomed to be Wolvie's rival) is barely introduced beyond a couple of gay cracks and a handful of lines and then unleashed on the audience for a forgettable battle sequence that destroys the character in more ways than one. That is after they've already killed off a number of otherwise important characters they couldn't find time to characterize properly. To puff up their puppy in a world of big dog comic films, they also padded their cast with familiar names like Emma Frost, The Blob, Gambit and Cyclops to literally name drop for extra attention. Sadly, their contributions to the film are so minimal that the one editor they hired for the film must have had a gun in his mouth by the time they hid his body and took over for him in order to film this tripe.

Other turds worth noting:

Transporter 3
Punisher Warzone (Still better than Wolvie origins)
Righteous Kill
American Zombie
My Name is Bruce (best part of it was the special features, but still better than wolvie origins)

Wolverine origins has given me horrific new perspective on bad movies. Thanks Hugh Jackman and 20th Century Fox for making this new low possible. More rambling for laters... me go sleep sleep now.
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Butternut Reduction... of the dead!!!!!! [Mar. 19th, 2009|03:41 pm]

Yay. I'm sick! Woo! Figures that as soon as we start getting out of winter where I've pretty much been sick-proof, I break down in spring.

In other news I'm quite literally going to be casting zombies and zombie victims for low budget films I'm producing so if you're local (Phoenix, AZ) and intrigued then leave a comment saying so and I will contact you when things chug further into production. There's other projects in the pipeline now, but I just can't keep quiet about ZOMBIES, man!! Seriously! I'm gonna make Zombie movies!!!

Anyhoo... I'm not sure what other parts of my adventures I should discuss right now, so I won't delve any further into my spine tingling life of intrigue. Rather, I shall cease the typing stuffs and go back to nite nites. Even though it's like 4pm. Argh.
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SHADOW COMMANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Feb. 26th, 2009|02:19 am]

Finally, he arrives! Huzzah for SHADOW COMMANDER!!! Well, it arrives... the trailer/armor kit for Nemesis Prime Granted, I had been hoping to jump on the custom parts bandwagon for the Ultra Magnus "City Commander" armor, but this is an exceptional stand-in and with the additions of the "prime-like" mouth plate and the big ol' sword I feel this is probably the superior package and since I made the effort of picking up a Nemmy Prime, it just makes an awesomely complete package. Having Shadow Commander makes me want the City Commander even more, but I picked up the Animated Ultra Magnus, which I think adds more flexibility and variety than JUST a white truck 'bot with a BFG (Big Fucking Gun). Shadow here is a delicious twist or perversion on Magnus' character making him into an Evil Optimus with an Ultra Magnus upgrade.

I'm actually a little scared of taking off his parts now that I slapped the armor kit on him. It would make a great trailer, but I can't bear the thought of the thing breaking in the disassembly. Only bought him because my tax returns rocked my socks, can't conceive of having the cash on hand to get another one anytime soon. Speaking of the armor, it doesn't hold together with the same reliability I'd hoped for and that BFG of his is actually too big for him to hold up except as a rail gun/missile launcher (I should mention that it actually "transforms" at the handle to accommodate at least three different weapon modes) so it sits on his shoulder. Also, his kibble and all the crap hanging on him gets in the way pretty badly, severely restricting his articulation, which is a damn shame. My biggest gripe right now is that his right gauntlet on mine refuses to stay the fuck on his arm!!!!! The thing just keeps slipping off halfway on its own, particularly if I dare to make him hold the BFG. I may have to whip out the tools to fix that... I might also order some stickers from Reprolabels to throw on a couple of rubsigns and some added detail.

I definitely need to grab some more pictures of him, but I'll do so after sprucing up my office a bit. Still selling some TFs off, so if you're in the market for some figures leave a comment. My "trim the fat" project is still in effect and I now have a small platoon of Bumblebees I don't need anymore.
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Holy goat nipples, Bat-thumb!!! [Feb. 21st, 2009|05:56 am]

Yes. That is Street Fighter IV. And yes, it is incredible. I've missed the soreness that plagues my hands right now from all the brutal playtime I've put into it. I love it and I can't wait to play more. Honestly, living opponents to challenge literally anytime? I've played the HD Remix of SSF2Turbo and while it was a magnificent reimagining, the online was sparse and ultimately "meh". A great download, but not even remotely as finely tuned as this thing. I have literally thrown myself at this game and the collector's edition has offered a suite of curious prizes including:

–Framed SF4 artwork displaying Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken
–A box. It holds things. It's pretty.
–an actual anime movie based on the game (65 min, fools!)
–a figurine of Crimson Viper
–the soundtrack (Meh, it was free. Woo!)
–additional costume downloads
–a hand drawn move/combo booklet by UDON (SF Comicsmiths)
–The game itself

I am wholly satisfied with this purchase and I find myself completely distracted from the inevitable purchase of Resident Evil 5, which I have preordered the Collector's Set of as well. Squenix needs to haul out Final Fantasy 13 before I am completely absorbed by Capcom as their hairy-bitchslave. I've cleared out a bunch of games, but the absolute shock of how good this damn game is tells me I need to get rid of some more stuff. I just recently picked up Super Paper Mario (YAY!), No More Heroes, Oblivion (Game of the Year edition!), Fsllout 3 (lunchbox edition), Lego Star Wars: The complete Saga, Monster Madness (PS3, the good version), Haze and Army of Two. Probably a few others I forgot, but then again isn't this enough??? What the hell is wrong with me?? Good god.

So... November? Erm, well I'll avoid (again) making the bold claim that I'm going to re-re-re-re-re-re-recorrect my posting habits and give casual and constant updates suffice to say I'm (still, to the surprise of all) NOT DEAD.

My promotion is currently on hold given the state of things and they promise things will get better with more hours, better benefits and blah blah blah. May they magically burst into flames. Arg. Candyce isn't doing so hot since she just got laid off, but unlike myself she's a jack of many many trades and bachelor's degrees in advanced sciences coupled with multiple certifications in said sciences allows for more leeway in the job market than a cute ball of fluff such as... myself. She'll do fine.

I'm back in school again, and that bridge to ASU is almost crossed altogether. My classes intrigue me as they teach "group communication" and my group is impossibly difficult to keep in a room to communicate. My work hours interfere with EVERYTHING remotely like a life or human operating hours so I'm still otherwise a bitch to get in touch with aside from the usual texty pokes. You could, of course, show up at the workplace (those of you who know where my super secret workplace is), but that's extremely unlikely save for a cherished few.

You'll find me on Xbox Live a lot at weird hours now because of Street Fighter. You can harass me through xboxlive.com if you so desire, my creative and totally surprising id there is Tekyu.

I go sleep now.
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Miracles of Anime [Nov. 5th, 2008|05:23 am]

I've been edgy as hell since Nana passed, snapping at people when I'd normally leave stuff well enough alone I have been pursuing normally unimportant topics with a fearsome, snarling enthusiasm. To take the edge off I turned to that which kept me jumping in front of cars back when I broke up with Amber:

Ping Pong Club!

It has this weirdly comforting nature that borders on childish innocence, which is consistently violated by its very own hilariously fucked up high school level of humor. I'm doing a lot better lately. I got to take what amounted to a brief vacation which was basically spent in and around the funeral meeting with family I haven't had the pleasure of talking to for one reason or another. I know I probably shouldn't bring Amber up so frequently in a post, but her recounting the night of her own grandmother's death to me actually helped me cope with the situation as it happened as well as dealing with the aftermath and consoling my relatives, particularly my younger cousin who was actually right next to Nana as she passed and it really messed her up. Poor thing. :(

Anyway, back to the point: Ping Pong Club is funny and soothing as balm. I could seriously just leave the damn thing on at all times. Ranma 1/2 has a similar pacifying effect on me. I don't even need to watch it, but I always feel better just having it on.
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Goodbye Nana [Oct. 30th, 2008|05:05 pm]
Yesterday we held the funeral for my grandmother. Her health had been fading rapidly over the last few years and last Thursday my grandfather, mother, Steve, uncle mark, aunt Lisa, my cousins Brittany & John and myself stayed with her until she stopped breathing at 7:40pm that night. It was a quiet and peaceful passing for Nana, which is the best thing we could have asked for.

I'd convinced myself that this would be easy, she'd been in poor health for so long and her mind deteriorated to the point that she couldn't even form words. However, easy is the one thing this is not as her passing left both myself and my entire clan with a void we will never be able to fill as the almighty matriarch of the family is gone. She was a mother to us all and yet in spite of the pain we feel, it is almost nothing when compared to pain my grandfather feels. He loved Nana more than anything and no matter how far gone she became he dedicated literally every waking moment to her comfort and care.

Now our eyes turn to him which numbs our pain a little as it narrows our focus to trying to keep his spirits up and do our best to reassemble our tragically fragmented family tree. My cousin John and I are looking into web-based ways to keep in touch. I can't stress how screwed up this whole event has made me. I've missed a lot of work and I've actually considered doing a tour of friends and exes in order to get a little angst out of my life and mend some bridges just to get my mind desperately out of this angsty treadmill it's walking. I'm trying to grieve openly, but I want to be strong for my family. I'm good at comforting others, but when I lose it people around me lose it so I need hold it in for now. As God is my witness, I'll make her proud and get these nutjobs I call relatives unified the way she did. If nothing else, her passing was one last chance to get this family back together.

Goodbye Nana, I love you.
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Darth Seanimus [Oct. 19th, 2008|03:35 am]


This is from the Star Wars Force Unleashed release party we did. I'm... fairly sure I didn't post on this yet. Anyway, so Darth Katie and I were triumphantly mauling Hanna Montana's standee, but soon after I realized that all her monetary prowess I should be the one to take her place. It would be perfect. But Darth Katie felt compelled to maul me in spite of this brilliant plan. Most unfortunate...

I really enjoyed the Star Wars game. It's kind of like a mesh between star wars and god of war, but with a lot of buggy crap to remind you that it's a star wars game first and a good game second. The game's still great, but it does the sad thing of tying together the scifi car wreck that was the "new trilogy" with the good movies and then it actually freezes up consoles and delivers an occasionally choptastic framerate. Good game, but Lucasarts should still get slapped in the face. Just because.

Right now my major gaming focus is Horror. I'm polishing off Alone in the Dark (got it for $12 and I'm glad), Silent hill V: Homecoming and Dead Space. Dead Space is the unchallenged ace in this Next-gen category at the moment. This marvel of terror haunts my dreams and its gameplay is as addicting as it is scary. It's easily the most rewarding game experience I've had this year.

Silent Hill is a delicious experience. I was pensive after the disappointment that Origins was, but I felt obliged to play it since I'm a semi-religious Silent Hill freak, not as much as my sister, but I'm pretty far gone. Sick in the head. Oh, and naturally, I had to play it since Candyce just randomly got it for me as a gift. Dammit, I love that woman! The combat is so vastly overhauled that it makes Silent Hill as fun to play as it is to watch and that is the best thing that could have ever been done for this series. There's a little difficulty in wielding the music aspect of the game properly, but the game is fantastic and for those with a Silent Hill need to be filled should consider this.

I've already opined for Alone in the Dark's broken gameplay, but I can't say no to a Survival Horror game that lets me indulge my pyro impulses and THEN lets me stick homemade explosives to monsters and THEN turn every car I come across into a rolling bomb!!! I keep playing on occasion, hoping against hope that Live will have a download ready soon that can give me a patch to make the game awesome. I can deal with the crap story as long as I can get a moment of peace when I consult the contents of my jacket outside of real time.

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Watching fun stuff [Oct. 10th, 2008|04:12 am]

So I'm two seasons into it and I simply love it. The art looked odd at first, but it's infectious. Kind of like Batman Begins in the most absurdly extreme cartoon form.
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